How Not To Dye Your Bleached Hair Back to Natural

The Daisy Colored Hair has been an amazing summer look, but the maintenance is getting a little rough. Going to the salon every 5 weeks for a touchup is a little pricey, and the touchup process HURTS! I didn’t have a problem when I bleached my hair with the Manic Panic Flash Lightening Kit, but the salon stuff is brutal. The first month they used volume 40 bleach, and that was really rough. From there on out, I asked for volume 30, but it still is just something I don’t want to endure any longer. It burns, itches, and makes my scalp bleed =( So I guess that just means it’s time to move on to a new hair color!

My plan was to dye my hair back to light brown, but keep the bangs yellow (I’d do the touch-up bleach at home since it’s such a small area). I was told by professional stylists that dying my hair back to brown isn’t something I should do at home because it would turn green. When someone tells me I can’t DIY something, I take it as a challenge to try!

I took the advice that I should go with a reddish color since my hair has been stripped of all color (and minimize the chances of it turning green). I chose Clairol Natural Instincts Spiced Tea. I’ve used Natural Instincts in the past, and I like it because it’s ammonia-free. However, it’s more of a coating than a dye, so the product actually didn’t make my hair much darker at all.

Now I have weird light pink hair. Not at all what I was going for. I’m going to embrace it and finish off the summer with Pink Lemonade hair. I’ll attempt to correct it again in a few weeks =)

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