My Homemade Princess Peach Costume

Jon and I love to play Nintendo. In the past couple of years we’ve gone through phases of NES Super Mario Bros 1 and 3 (sorry Mario 2), NES Super Mario World, N64 Super Mario 64, N64 Paper Mario, Wii Super Mario Galaxy, and Wii Super Mario Brothers. We love the games; we love the characters. This year, there was no other option than to dress up as Princess Peach and Super Mario Fireball (except that I kind of wanted him to be Raccoon Mario).

Here are all of the components that went into my Princess Peach costume:

The Dress

I have never gone into such a big project without a structured plan. A lot of this was just trying what seemed to make sense and then fixing whatever looked wrong. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t reproduce this if I tried!

I started out with a thrift store dress (and forgot to take a Before photo). It was very late 80’s/early 90’s. It had a lace collar, shoulder pads, and the entire skirt was pleated. I knew the lace and shoulder pads would be easy to remove, and the pleated skirt was to my advantage because that meant there was plenty of fabric for a full skirt.

I separated the skirt from the bodice and began with the sleeves. I should have removed the sleeves altogether because the shoulders didn’t fit right, but instead I did some weird bunchy thing. I cut the sleeves to a shorter length and sewed a hem almost closed. I threaded the elastic from the waist of the skirt into the hem so it would be a puffy sleeve.

I needed to shape the bodice to fit me, but I didn’t know where to start. I decided to cut two lines right up the bodice and sewed the piece back together as darts. I was trying to pin the bodice while it was on me, but that was getting too complicated, so I ended up with a “guess and check” method.

For the skirt, I first ironed out all the pleats. Then I consulted my friends and the Internet on how to do gathering using a sewing machine. I gathered the top of the skirt and put it to the side. I had also bought a silky skirt at the thrift store in a darker pink, so I cut it in pieces for the draping on the sides and for the edging along the bottom. I sewed the bottom piece to the bottom of the light pink skirt. Then for the draping, I draped the fabric as I thought it should look and sewed it in place on the sides. I used a gathering stitch on the top. Then I took my two dark pink drapes and light pink skirt and played with the gathering until it was all the right size to fit me. I sewed them all together and then sewed the skirt to the bodice.

Underneath the dress, I wore a crinoline petticoat slip to give it the fullness and movement I was looking for. This is key!

The Medallion

I bought a styrofoam ball from the craft store and cut it in half. Then I used a knife to sculpt it into the oval shape I was going for. I painted it aqua blue and covered it in blue glitter before the paint dried. Then I bought some model magic and created the backing for the jewel and stuck the jewel in it. I also created a little holder on the back of the medallion so I could string invisible wire through it. I painted the model magic gold. When it all dried, I wore it around my neck with the invisible wire.

Gloves, Crown, and Wig

These were all purchased at the popup Halloween shop. Next time, I might make a more authentic crown.

And for my Super Mario?


The overalls were much more difficult to find than we anticipated. We ended up finding the Dickies brand overalls at ConstructionGear. I removed the branding tags with a stitch ripper.


We bought locally from The Village Hat Shop in Hillcrest. They have an online store, too, so you can get the same hat: I created the M and circle in felt and stitched them on.


We stumbled upon a perfectly-sized rubber ball at Target.

We were really excited with how the costumes turned out… especially since we did it all ourselves! Now we have an excuse to go to Comic Con next year =)


  • Brendan

    Nicely done! I think you did a good job here. :)

  • t are dressy are perfect for the man that has some where special to go.

  • guy at the desk

    Great insight! i’VE been looking for a tutorial on how to make one for myself!!!!!! thanks!!!!

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